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I am a Kelowna girl; born and raised here in the interior of British Columbia Canada. It is beautiful here and I think everyone should make Kelowna a travel destination at some point in their life!

While growing up I was always very active, spending endless hours outdoors and playing sports. Having a competitive nature (and older brother to keep up with), I guess you could say I was kind of a tomboy.

At the age of 16, I started working at a local gym and it was from there that my lifelong passion for fitness ignited. Following high school I landed a great job in advertising at the local newspaper. I love interacting with people and this job allowed me just that.

I always had a dream of having a few kids and a little country house with a white picket fence. What I ended up with was an acreage, several animals, and four amazing children. I believe they are my biggest accomplishment in life, nothing can supersede them. After starting my family, I wanted to be home – to be more involved with them. It was then I founded a private training studio which gave me the flexibility to be a hands-on Mom and have independence as well. I found while coaching clients it almost always went further than the physical aspect of their well-being. This led me in the direction of life coaching. Everything links together for perfect balance. During my life and career, I always envisioned writing a book. It would be fair to say that training led to life coaching, and both led me to being an author.

Today, my kids have me juggling many roles: from taxi driver to event planner, soccer coach to chef, trainer to hairdresser … the list never ends. When I am not busy with them, I am coaching some wonderful clients who I call friends, and writing. My favorite part of every day is laughing and smiling. I have been known to be a little witty. It’s good for the soul.

I hope that through my writing and coaching I can help you discover what is really important in your life! Find your path ~ follow your dreams ~ but most of all, believe!



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