Don’t know me well enough yet? Here’s a little on my background!

Beautiful BC. Isn’t that perfect? Born and raised in the Okanagan, I appreciate the natural gifts that surround us. We definitely know how to get the most out of our mountains and lakes! I spent countless hours absorbing BC’s seasons, hot and cold, and spent a countless more active in sports. I had an older brother to keep up with so I definitely had that tomboy edge! My first real passion for fitness started at the age of 16. I started working at a local gym, and it all unfolded from that moment on. It’s funny how serendipitous life can be!

At such a young age, there wasn’t a real way for me to monetize my fitness so I found an incredible job in advertising for the local newspaper right out of high school. I love interacting with people and this job allowed me just that. It’s incredible how much you learn about business and each industry through work in advertising! I credit a lot of my personal business development to my early advertising knowledge and experience.

During my time at the local newspaper, I really honed in on my passion for fitness and participated in a whole slew of fitness competitions including being awarded Overall Winner at the 2006 Northern Classic Figure and competing at the 2010 WBFF Worlds in Toronto. What a whirlwind!

On top of my passion for business and fitness, one of my driving forces in life was the dream to have my own beautiful children and a little country house with a white picket fence. I ended up with an acreage, several animals, and four amazing children. They are undoubtedly my biggest accomplishment. Nothing supersedes them!

After starting my family, I realized I couldn’t connect with my children at the level I wanted to while working away from home for 50+ hours a week. I needed to make a change. That’s when I made a huge leap and founded a private training studio that gave me the flexibility I needed to be a hands-on mom with the ability to schedule life around my children!

For me, coaching clients always went further than just the training. I often found myself heavily involved in their entire life! This led me in the direction of life coaching. Over the course of my fitness and life coaching, I realized that there are a lot of repeating principles in my client’s lives! I was able to share a little bit of my personal knowledge to all of them, but I didn’t want it to stop there! That’s when I decided I would start to write!

My adult suspense thriller was launched in 2013, and three years later in 2016, my sequel is complete and is ready to be launched! Now, I’m able to combine insight from my past work, life, writing, and coaching experiences and give back to the world through my own platform, Becky Komant!

I hope that through my writing and coaching I can help you discover what is really important in your life! Welcome!

Up for anything! Send me your details and I’ll be in touch!

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