Luxury for a Great Cause

by Becky Komant | September 21st, 2016

We’re all a little in love with beautiful things, myself included! I’m sure you can remember dishing out a little too much for that special something you just couldn’t resist. Who doesn’t want nice shoes, a fancy purse, a beautiful car, or, well, a 35-acre luxury home and orchard.

Tomorrow, I’m volunteering at a special auction for the Harvest Ridge Luxury Orchard Estate. It’s a stunning contemporary estate with breathtaking orchard, lake, and city views. With the incredible amount of glass on this home, it feels like you’re nestled in the middle of the orchard at all times, even in your granite-countered office!

A little more than I could personally afford, this gorgeous estate is being auctioned off to one lucky family! The best? A portion of the proceeds are being donated to The Children’s Wish Foundation!

A foundation my family and I thank immensely for granting Matthew his wish during his battle with cancer, there was no way I could resist giving back some of my time to help out this amazing cause.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with The Children’s Wish Foundation, they allow children with life-threatening illnesses to live out their dream! For Matthew, his was to visit Atlantis, a 7-star resort in the Bahamas, in May 2016.

Tomorrow’s invite only event, with entry given by donation, and 100% of the donations and proceeds from the charity auction will be donated to Children’s Wish. The auction runs from 10:15am to 2:45pm, and the party runs until 4pm. Volunteer roles will be facilitating registration, spotting bids during the charity auction and collecting donations. I’m going to knock this one out of the park for The Children’s Wish Foundation!

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to this event, I’ll see you there tomorrow! They say the dress code is Great Gatsby, and by the looks of this estate, I’m not too surprised!