Becky Komant | October 26, 2016

There are many situations we face in life. Physical, emotional, and financial challenges come and go for most of us. For some, it’s a lifelong endeavour.

Stephen Sanderson is a man who understands this. Stephen is in good health, has a well-respected job, and most importantly, a loving family. At this point, it can be pretty easy to gloat and applaud yourself about where you’ve gotten, but that approach doesn’t do much for anyone. A pinnacle of happiness is enjoying what you have been given, making the most of it, and understanding that there are others who are not so fortunate.

Every year Stephen throws on his workout gear and participates in a run for a cause. In 2014, it was the Grouse Grind. In 2015, it was the BMO Marathon. In 2017, it’ll be the Whistler Ironman competition on July 30th, 2017 for Muscular Dystrophy Canada, finishing the last 42.2 km leg in full fighter gear!

The 2017 Ironman consists of a 3.9km swim, a 180km bike ride, and to top it off, a 42.2km run. That’s an extra 45lbs of weight, in the middle of Summer, during what’s likely to be one of the most grueling campaigns of your life.

Stephen explains on his website that having muscular dystrophy is when “your muscles say ‘stop’, but your mind says ‘go’.” Stephen will be using every muscle in his body to support approximately 50,000 Canadians affected by Muscular Dystrophy. All of the money raised will support Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Funds raised will provide support services, essential mobility and medical equipment, and fund research for a cure!

To help fund Stephen’s incredible journey for Muscular Dystrophy, you can visit his website, here, and his donate page, here!