$60,000 Raised for the Children’s Wish Foundation Yesterday in Kelowna

by Becky Komant | September 23rd, 2016

Simply incredible. A 35 acre super estate was sold, which set a record for most expensive sale that wasn’t beachfront, and we raised nearly $60,000 last night for the Children’s Wish Foundation. This is community driven passion. The generosity was very real and emotional, especially for me as I know first hand what the Children’s Wish Foundation can do for a family.

Yesterday I was able to volunteer as an Ambassador for the Children’s Wish Foundation in Kelowna. Chatting with like-minded individuals, I was able to see how many Okanagan residents truly care about causes such as this.

I know I’ll be signing up to help organize some amazing events in 2017, as this left a lasting impression, and I’m still cheesing from cheek to cheek knowing how much we were able to give back to our future, the children!

The auction itself was fun. I’ve never seen an auctioneer put so much humour into his gig, and I can’t wait to be a part of another one with him!

The property, Harvest Ridge Luxury Orchard Estate, ended up being sold for $5,775,000! There was nice battle near the end to see who eventually got it. Very exciting to see, especially with such a high price tag!

Once again, a huge thank you to the home owners and Luxury Auctions who chose the Children’s Wish Foundation as their charity, and also to everyone who contributed to this event.