The Controlled

My first adult suspense thriller: The Controlled

Who controls your life? What if every move and decision you made was manipulated by someone you never met? What if your direction, your actions, and your future were cradled in the hands of a stranger? What if that person was hell-bent on devouring you? Could you survive if you did not know who to trust? The Miami sunshine beckons restless souls to allow its warmth to permeate bare skin and release all inhibitions. For Sarah, the promises Miami holds dissolve ruthlessly until it becomes a place she desperately must escape. With her decisions clouded by passion, Sarah’s world explodes into a nightmare of blackmail, violence, and sexual domination. She must draw every ounce of her strength to untangle the twisted lies and find truth.

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Book Reviews

Gary Fong

“This book is such an entertaining read. It sucks you in, and you get caught up in this whirlwind of a story. The characters in the book are fascinating and so mysterious. There are plot twists and whodunnits that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I read it in one sitting! It is thoroughly entertaining, and the end is a gripper!” – Gary Fong, Author of The Accidental Millionaire, Snaps, and So You Want To Be A Rock Star Photographer

Jim Thomsen

“The Controlled is an expertly rendered exercise in tension-filled suspense storytelling, sleek and strung as tight as piano wire. It feels like a dispatch from the front lines of sex, desire, jealousy and power, set against the sun-drenched and sinuously dark backdrops of carnal playgrounds like Miami and Las Vegas, told in an authentic voice that hints of a dance too close to the flame. – Jim Thomsen, Editor and Author