Because my legs tend to be my problem area, I love working them extra hard. I am limited after suffering a back injury a few years back.  Here are my favorites go to exercises!

1.       1 leg kettlebell deadlift – this one is no joke! Here’s a video demonstration!

2.       Kettlebell Snatch – Form can be hard to achieve, but follow this man’s instructions and you’ll be well on your way!

3.       Step-Ups – Cardio, anyone? This is one of the oldest exercises you can do, but nonetheless effective! Add step-ups to your routine for incredible results!

4.       Renegade Row – This isn’t the easiest exercise, especially for a beginner, so take your time with getting it right! Here’s a nice video demonstrating it properly!

5.       Squats (unfortunately I can’t weight my spine so I hold the kettlebells or dumbbells by my side) – You know the drill. Want results? Do your squats! My female clients loooove this one!