With so many things on the go, I simply didn’t know where to begin. I had a book coming out, I wanted to share my life with my family, I wanted to empower others to break the stigma of boundaries of what a mother can accomplish on top of a hectic schedule.

Welcome to Becky Komant, the online platform! So what is Becky up to now, right? For those of you that know me, know that I have a very hard time sitting still and understand my diverse life! From business owner to mother to author, there was no easy way for me to put everything together in one platform. I found myself with more domain names that a person should own, a segmented email inbox, multiple email addresses, and no way to express my art, writing!

So, what’s the sensible thing to do while juggling everything on top of my incredible children? Create an online publication! This is my way of sharing my life and insights with you, all cohesively on one page so I don’t have to keep asking you to like or share my random pages on Facebook! And guess what, Facebook gave me the official icon! I’m basically a celebrity now! Just kidding!

Thanks for visiting my new platform, and I’m excited to watch it grow with you!